Square Enix’s Luminous Productions Releases Next-Gen Tech Demo

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Square Enix has been good at teasing gamers with new tech demos right when we are on the verge of a new console generation. It was one of those demos that gave birth to the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, even if that wasn’t what Square Enix was aiming for at the time. Now with the PlayStation 5 poised to strike at our hearts and wallets as soon as next fall, Square Enix is back at it again. The latest tech demo from the company is called Back Stage and was produced by their studio Luminous Productions. It has been confirmed by Nvidia that this is a look at the “bleeding-edge tech that’ll be utilized in next-gen Luminous Engine games.” That means that this is our first glimpse at what the first wave of PS5 games could look like. Check out Back Stage below:

If Sony and Microsoft are betting on the right horse then Ray Tracing is going to be the next big thing for console graphics. This first look from Square Enix is very promising and I am looking forward to seeing more of the possibilities and an actual PS5 launch announcement in the near future.

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