Exit The Gungeon Review


Publisher: Devolver Digital| Developers: Dodgeroll and SingleCore| Release Date:  November 13,2020 | Genre: Rogue Side Scroller| Reviewed On PS5

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Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off of Enter the Gungenon which was a top down rogue-like. Unlike Enter, Exit is described as a ‘dungeon’ climber. It is played from a side-scrolling perspective as opposed to a top down perspective. The game comes from Dodgeroll and Singlecore games. This was a collaboration between the two indies.

The gameplay is similar to its precursor, but one key difference is the randomly changed weapons every minute or so. You also get the shopkeeper and keys for treasures as well. It all depends on RNG. The main difference is the perspective which goes from a top-down shooter to a side-scrolling platformer with the same shooter controls as Enter The Gungeon. Instead of fighting through a randomly generated map, and then fighting a boss. Exit The Gungeon shakes up the format where each room is an arena that has a randomly generated layout. You fight, get random pickups such as extra health, armor, and a one-time use shield, and exit the room.

Rip and Tear!

You have four characters to choose from:

The Marine who has Military Training which buffs up accuracy.
The Pilot has a discount for items at the shop.
The Hunter who has increases the drop rate of items
The Convict can instantly reload and double damaged when hit by an enemy.

I don’t know what to do!

Once you have cleared all rooms, you will proceed to the elevator which contains The Meowtezer who is similar to Doctor Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog to The Glocktopus who covers guards Keep of The Exterior. In a similar style as the original, it is much a shmup where you have to dodge a lot of bullets. It puts The Hell in bullet hell, but you have an item called a blank which stops bullets and pushes enemies back. The familiar weapons from Enter The Dungeon are in Exit The Dungeon from your typical AK47 to a D-Pad Launcher which fires in all directions.

Pick your poison.

A complete run can last 5 hours but has high replay value with the randomization of bosses and layout. The controls are responsive with the right stick controlling your aim much like the previous game. The way character movement works is reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden with a wall jump, but you can jump through red ledges with the caveat of bullets going through. They can’t go through brick through which the player can use as hardcover. Mechanically, Exit is an enjoyable and re-playable experience. If your not into Rogue-likes the gameplay may be a bit difficult but if you practice you can persevere.

Metal Gear Solid Reference is Metal Gear Solid Reference

Graphics are in the same pixel-art style with detailed animations, snappy transitions, and a cartoony art style that isn’t cell shaded. The game’s performance is smooth and when reviewing it didn’t have anything bad in terms of technical issues. Music is fast-paced and fits the game as it did with Enter The Gungeon. It goes well with the frantic situations the game puts you in a Saturday night cartoon on steroids.

A typical gameplay scenario. Can you survive?

Overall, Exit The Gungeon is a worthwhile companion to Enter despite change of perspective. The old adage of if you don’t like the genre may apply to non-fans of Roguelikes but if you strive to learn the boss patterns and have great spatial awareness/reflexes this is defiantly an entertaining platformer.

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