Cyberpunk Novel Synergia is out March 18th

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The developer at Radi Art and Top Hat Studios will release Synergia, their acclaimed cyberpunk-themed visual novel, which is finally coming to PS4 on March 18th. It is set in a dystopian cityscape in an adventure where sometimes love is the highest crime. Here, your choices will shape the destiny of officer Cila. The game makes its leap from PC to consoles after a PC launch in July 2020, where it garnered positive reviews It will be available at a price of $14.99 USD.

You play as Cilia, a veteran police officer, who has anger issues but tries to strive for a better life. This changes as she meets M.A.R.A., who replaced her android partner, M.A.R.A. catches suspicion of Velta Labs. The game covers themes as religion and technological singularity.

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