Next-gen VR on PS5: the new controller

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Today, on PlayStation’s Official Blog, the new controller for the successor to the PSVR has been unveiled. In a write up by Hideaki Nishino, who is SIE’s Senior Vice President of Platform Planning and Development talks about the new features the controller haven.

Unlike the old me over that was the PlayStation Move controller, it will feature an org shape. This allows it to have better ergonomics and parity with other VR controllers such as the HTC Vibe/Oculus Rift. It also features adaptive triggers and also Haptic Feedback much like the Dual Sense controllers, a key feature of the PlayStation 5.

The R1 buttons will acts as the grip button as the main method interactivity within VR titles. Secondly, it will also feature dual analog stick were the move only had one with another separate attachment for a second analog stick. Lastly, it will have finger sensors which enable ‘more natural gestures’.

The next generation PSVR will have information through the year with no solid release date. You can view a few pictures below.

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