Days of Play Starts Again for 2021!

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Days of Play starts again and this year with this PlayStation Blog post by Mary Yee, Head of Marketing. You can sign up on this site with your PlayStation Network ID from today until May 31st. The event starts on May 18th with goals set by the community by playing games and earning trophies and just playing games. Prizes include PS4 themes and Avatars you can use on your PSN account. You will not be able to recive the themes if you only have a PSN Account linked with a PS5 which is pretty obvious from the get go. If all goals are met by the PlayStation Community a bonus PSN avatar and theme will be given to anyone who is registered.

There will also be sales on PS4 and PS5 Games, Accessories, & more. This will vary by region. Lastly, there is also free PSN weekends if you haven’t tried it out or let your PSN membership lapse to get into multiplayer and try out the Instant Game Collection.

In celebration of Days of Play PlayStation Blog will various themes every week of the event. The first round will be on May 14th, 2021.

For me, I’ve always enjoyed when Sony did this and has included limited edition consoles and controllers in the past. Perhaps the rumored Dual Sense Colors will be added to the lineup? We shall see. Those consoles/accessories do make the rounds in the collector’s market once they become out of print.

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