Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction has a new teaser up

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Today, Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, The developer will have a full reveal on 12th June at 12PM Pacific time at Ubisoft’s event Ubisoft Forward. Formally known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine (Changed for obvious reasons was announced in 2019 and was delayed due to editorial shake up.

The game is a spin off Rainbow Six’s: Siege’s Outbreak that happened between March 18, 2018 to April 3, 2018 which added a PvE (Player vs. Enemy) mode which was a radical change in setting which in Tom Clancy games are grounded in reality. It was more horror/science fiction with the introduction of Aliens in an alternate scenario. The gameplay was similar to Left 4 Dead or the Spiritual successor Back 4 Blood ( Which is coming out this year).

Unlike the core of Rainbow Six, Siege which is a PvP (Player vs. Player) competitive game where your pit against human players you and your squad will fight against hordes of aliens as you progress through a desert town that was infested by a meteorite. Rainbow Six: Outbreak will continue in this direction but will most likely have a full campaign that last more than a few hours.

The price and release are still a mystery but we will get more news during Ubisoft Forward which will be streamed online on Ubisoft’s official social media channels.

A teaser show the enemy called ‘ The Sprawl’ trailer can be seen right here:

There is also revels the new title as opposed to its prior title, Quarantine, below:

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