Fanatec will have GT7 Sponsered accessories

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Today Fanatech, the racing game accessory maker, will partner with PlayStation Studios and Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital to have branded accessories for the anticipated release of Gran Turismo 7 next year. Fanatec makes high-end racing wheels, break/pedal systems as well as cockpits.

Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor AG, parent company of Fanatec said:

“For many years, Kazunori Yamauchi has pushed the limits on the software side and played a massive role in making sim racing popular. Now we have joined forces with the shared goal to continue to merge virtual and real-world racing together. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to see how they perform in Gran Turismo.”

Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo creator, and CEO of Polyphony Digital had this to say:

 “For many years, Fanatec has been one of the outstanding companies on the leading edge of simulation hardware technology. While the quality and performance of their products are impressive, it’s their desire to innovate in motorsports that resonates with us the most. Polyphony Digital and Fanatec share this same spirit and long-term ambition, and I’m really excited about what we can create together.”

Gran Turismo started development in 1993 before the inception of the original PlayStation. It released in 1997 and has been grown to be one of PlayStation’s popular franchises. It has sold a total of 80.4 million copies through the original PlayStation and to the eventual release of Gran Turismo 7 in 2022.

The release of Gran Turismo Sport was initially criticized for the lack of content and online-only focus but the perception of it has improved and has sold 8 million. The balance of simulation and accessibility was critical to its success and has gotten real-life drivers such as John Mardenbaraugh.

Fantech meanwhile has 20 years of experience making racing devices for PC and game consoles and caters more to the simulation aspects of the genre. They have made mountings, wheels, and pedals. They can be seen in trade shows such as E3 and PAX.

Gran Turismo 7 is still slated for a 2022 release after being delayed for a release this year.

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