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UPDATE: A new update for the PS4 versions of Death Stranding will allow you to export your save data.

The final trailer was edited by Hideo Kojima himself which includes the song “Goliath” by neofolk artist Woodkid. The trailer contains spoilers but scenes are taken out of context. The game is also one of the first PS5 games presented in an ultrawide format which this trailer is in that aspect ratio. The trailer also sports some footage of the new VR Missions which are similar to the ones seen in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Son of Liberty. They allowed for more gameplay long after the campaigns were over and allowed the designers to go wild with ideas that didn’t fit each game’s narrative.

Death Stradning Director’s Cut was announced during the opener for Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2021 last June which showed Kojima moving from Metal Gear by having Sam putting the cardboard box down, and sneaking to an environment that gave off the vibe of the Shadow Moses dock from the original Metal Gear Solid. The level was many players introduction to Hideo Kojima if you didn’t play the NES Port of Metal Gear or Snake’s Revenge in the west. Snatcher was also one but came out on the last years on the Sega CD. I suggest checking it out if you got the chance. It’s a great visual novel packed with a bit of noir and cyberpunk.

The game will available on September 8, 2021, and has a 10 dollar upgrade path for the digital and physical versions of the original Death Stranding which came out in Fall 2019. There will be a physical release as well that will retail for $49.99 USD and a Deluxe Editon for $59.99 USD

According to Metal Gear Informer, a new patch for Death Stranding has appeared today. According to the patch notes, you will be able to export the save to the cloud via the system menu at a terminal. The article goes over what will and will not export to the director’s cut.

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