Forspoken PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer

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On Thursday, at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase this year revealed Forspoken in terms of setting, gameplay, and antagonist. The main concept of Forspoken revolved around the protagonist Frey Holland (Ella Balisnka) who is teleported from New York to the world of Athia. She is not alone with her jaded companion cuff called ‘Cuff’ (Played by John Cake). The trailer also introduces the antagonist Tanta Silla ( Played by Janina Gavankar) who is a despot who (you guessed it!) has a lust for power.

It also shows a bit of curated gameplay which shows the smooth traversal in an open world that allows for airborne movement, a tactical hack and slash combat system with all sorts of particle effects representing the magic Frey can use in the world.

Now, onto the talent that worked on Forspoken The music is done by Bear McCreary who worked on God of War 2018 and The Walking Dead, and Gary Schyman who worked on the Bioshock franchise. The game also sports a team of talented writers which include Amy Hennig (Unchartered Series and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver) Gary Whitta (Star Wars: Rogue One), Todd Stashwichk who worked with Hennig on the canceled Visceral Star Wars Project. Lastly, the game is directed by Takeshi Aramaki who worked as a Studio Head on Final Fantasy VII Remake and FFXI Episode Ardyn, and Takashi Terada who directed FFXV DLC as well.

With this fusion of The East and West, this will be a fusion of the mechnaical uniqueness of JRPGS, fluid traversal, and a western take on a isekai concept this game looks like it could be a sleeper hit when in comes in Spring 2022 without a firm release date for now. Hopefully, it doesn’t slip and comes out within the timeframe. Forspoken will be a timed exclusive on the PS5 and will come out on other platforms in a couple of years.

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