PS5 September System Software Update launches tomorrow

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This morning, on PlayStation Blog, Hideaki Shino, The Senior Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment, posted that the new PS5 firmware (which has been in beta for some time) will launch in all territories tomorrow. The headline for the update is internal SSD support which was one of the flaws at launch for the PlayStation 5. You can look at the requirements at the SSD here.

There will be also UI enhancements to allow for better distinction between PS4 and 5 titles in The Library menu. The Game Base will be changed so it’ll be easier to write messages to friends and parties. PS Now will also have a connection test and resolution option. Another enhancement is the use of 3D audio with TV speakers which is the primary method players have for audio, and you will be able to fine-tune it with EQ settings.

Lastly, the mobile app will be updated with remote play with a minimum requirement of 5mbps to link up with your console. In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction and I know this is a pipe dream, but some support for PS3 games would be nice. I know PS Now is a thing, but even a heavily curated (Like Xbox One/SeriesS/SeriesX) Backward Compatability solution would help ease the pain when my PS3s eventually will yellow light. Companies should have some sort of preservation even if it’s on their terms.

I am personally liking what I am seeing now, and the next two years look bright for not only Sony, but the video game industry in general.

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