Cotton 100% Pre Orders are up


Cotton 100%  Story from Press Release

The world fell into complete darkness after the evil villain Wool stole the seven willows. The Fairy Queen Velvet sent out Silk, a beautiful fairy, to get the willows back. On her way, she meets the witch Nata de Cotton. And with our main character introduced, Cotton and Silk head off to save the world. Cotton 100% is a great introduction to everyone who’s new to the franchise and a throwback for everyone who played it back in 1994. 

The PlayStation 4 Edition will include a physical copy as well as:

·   Collector’s Edition Box

·   Colorful Game Manual

·   Yunomi (Japanese-style teacup)

·   Kokeshi (Japanese-style figure)

·   Tenugui (Japanese-style traditional towel)

·   Shikishi (Japanese-style art print)

·   Original Soundtrack

·   Large Reversible Poster (A2)

·   Logo sticker

·   Bonus Card

·   6x Character Cards

You can visit Strictly Limited Games here!

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