Cannibal Cuisine Review

Publisher: Rocket Vulture| Developers: Rocket Vulture| Release Date:  January 22, 2022, | Genre: Arcade/Party| Reviewed On PS5

A review was provided by Rocket Vulture

Cannibal Cuisine Title Screen


Cannibal Cuisine takes a lot of inspiration from Overcooked but has some unique appeal that lets it stand apart.


A Sly Apocalypse Now Reference.

Here, from one to four players must appease the HoobooChoo god with an appropriate meal. Each meal must have the right combination of human meat and vegetables. The difference is there’s some combat involved with some very oblivious tourists. If you or other players get into the tourists’ line of sight, they will attack. You don’t get much health but can eat the meat of the people you’ve killed. The game is played on a single screen and players must cooperate to get the par scores which net a player a star.

Rounds usually take 3 minutes to complete and is great for a quick session during a party.


The stars unlock levels from the typical jungle locations to the DLC called ‘The Curse of The Scarab’ King which is free for everyone. This makes the game’s level count amount to 20.

The controls are intuitive with the square button for attack. X for abilities one is a jump which allows you stun the hapless tourists, dash, fire breath, and totem which allows you to block a tourist’s path The analog stick moves naturally. This may annoy some players who like using square to attack, and one game’s few flaws in terms of control are the lack of re-mappable buttons.

Another one is the lack on online but is understandable given the smaller scope of the game. It’s also recommended to play it at least 2 players since playing it solo will make later levels hard to complete the score goals. The last mode is VS. which instead of players cooperatively hitting the score, it’s either the red or blue team who gets the better score.

You’re not gonna get here by yourself

Graphics and Presentation

The graphics are simple and clean. They run at 60 FPS at a 4K resolution, and the load times are nearly instantaneous on PS5. They have cartoon brisk style with some cartoony blood as the tourists morph to piece of steak. This gets the job done and is colorful. One of the few dour parts of the presentation is the looping music but can be alleviated if you have Spotify on your console.


The story is told through short cut scenes with text boxes with the characters having a Simlish-like language. It gives the game a bit more context to what you’re doing but doesn’t expect it to be an emotional rollercoaster since this is a fun little party game.


Overall, Cannibal Cuisine is a fun, small party game that can be entertaining as a couch coop game, but things like an unmappable control scheme, lack of online play, and a repetitive soundtrack may be a pet peeve for some, but the low price of 12.99 makes this an appealing package.

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