Dying Light 2 adds New Game + on April 27th

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will have Update 1.3.0 is coming to, it fixing a lot of co-op issues, and will have fresh end game content. New Game + will be added to the game on April 27th. NG+ mode will be available for every player that finished the base game and allows players to revisit The City and grant them to replay story and make different plot decisions from the first run, with a new scaling and higher difficulty with greater bonuses Watch the new episode of At The Fish Eye, the YouTube In-universe guide for a tour of its feature set.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human was developed by Techland and initially announced at E3 2018. The development has had its ups and downs, with lead Narrative Designer, Chris Avellone being taken off the project due to alleged sexual conduct , but finally released in February 2022.

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