Skateboard Tampa XL Course now available for Skater XL

Yesterday Easy Day Studios launched a new update for Skater XL that showcases The 28th Annual Tampa Pro Skating Contest and First Ever Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest. The new DLC will include the skatepark itself and artwork on the course by Lucas Beaufort.

It will be used for the Tampa pro Esports contest on May7th were 300 ‘E-Skaters’ have submitted entries and will compete online.

The Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest will be livestreamed on the official Skater XL Twitch Channel on May 7 and will be hosted by skateboarding YouTube creator Garrett Ginner.

Skater XL itself is now available for $39.99 on PS4, XBox One, and PC. The offcial website can be found on

You can look at the key art below.

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