Embracer Group acquires Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, and Square-Enix Montreal

This morning Square-Enix Announced that they have gone into an agreement with Embracer Group to acquire the Western Wing of Square-Enix’s offices. This includes Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and Deus Ex & Guardian of the Galaxy developer Eidos Montreal. The cost will be 300 Million dollars.

The reason stated in the press release being a focus on Blockchain and NFT (Yikes!), maximize revenue (To be fair the Western branch didn’t meet their expectations. Whatever that suppose to mean?), and to double down on their Japanese games which include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Front Mission. FFXIV is still doing well, and a new Dragon Quest in on the horizon.

In my opinion, this is a monkey’s paw type ordeal were The Former Western branch of Square may actually able to make games they want, and Square can focus on their Japanese games. It also has the pitfall of them double downing on NFTS and Blockchain which many gamers are not a fan of. It may possibly cause a domino effect if this strategy doesn’t go well.

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