Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files DLC Review

Publisher: Sega| Developers: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio| Release Date:  March 28, 2022, | Genre: Action RPG| Reviewed On PS5

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Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files is the DLC Expansion to Lost Judgment which can be bought as a part of The Essentials Pack which includes additional side stories for 34.99 USD and by itself for 29.99 USD. The DLC follows Yagami’s ex-yakuza partner, Masaharu Kaito who finds about someone he loved may have survived a tragic incident.

I gave Lost Judgment a mostly favorable review and this DLC does mostly match those expectations.

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The gameplay here is practically the same as Lost Judgment prior, but with the notable exception of Kaito’s fighting style. They consist of brawler and wrestler.

This fits his more headstrong personality as opposed to Yagami’s speed and grace of his more crane-based attacks. You also get a nifty defensive ability called iron guard which allows you to parry non-weapon-based attacks to spice things up, and defensively tear up your enemy.

The sidequests in the game are more here to give you abilities than to add depth to the world like in Lost Judgment’s initial release. Think of them as additional collectibles that can make the game a bit easier. There is also a hidden boss, but he’s there is a bit easier than the traditional Jo-Amon boss that you find in Yakuza proper.

There are no additional mini-games like Sega Arcade Games so if you were looking forward to playing more you aren’t. 

Kaito’s investigations are a bit different, with his primal sight, sense, and hearing. Think the Detective Mode is in Arkham mode and you’ll get the concept. This helps get additional experience points.

The game has 4 chapters and can last from 10 to 12 hours depending on if you want to trophy hunt and 100% complete the DLC.

Those Tailing Sections are Back *Sighs*

Graphics and Presentation

The graphics are to the same standard of Lost Judgment with great facial impressions, and a nice balance between photorealism & style which is a hallmark of the Yakuza games. 

You can choose between a performance mode with up to 60 FPS and a resolution mode that caps it at 30. 30 can be a bit jerky, but the default performance mode looks and plays great in terms of responsiveness.

Voice Actors in this DLC are Crispin Freeman reprising his role as Kaito, and Steve Blum as Higashi. Mikkio Sadamoto is voiced by Suzie Yung who also voices Yuffie in FF7 Remake and Yong Yea voices Yaksutaka Shirukaba. They also do well-done voices with a wide amount of range and match the Japanese’s facial capture.

He plays a lot like Taejima.


The story starts with Kaito in a flashback on how he met his former lover Mikkio Sadamoto during an incident at a Yakuza office. Things seem to go well until Kaito decides to go all-in on the Yakuza lifestyle with the Matsugane clan, and what happens is a messy breakup.

Years later, Mikkio’s husband, Kiyoka Sadamato visits The Yagami Detective Agency. With Yagami on a case, it is up to Kaito to look into the disappearance of Mikkio who supposedly was killed in a suicide, and find the truth.

What erupts is a story of reminiscence, lost love, and greed. There is a twist about it, but you’ll have to play it to find out. The story itself is a small-scale Yakuza story, you can think of it as a highly budgeted side story that adds depth to Kaito’s background story and flesh him out more than a biography in the in-game encyclopedia can. 

Weapons and Equipment OSP?


Overall, Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files is a decent length DLC that is worth 29.99 on its own. If you are jonesing for more traditional Yakuza action it will cure that itch with an interesting side story, slightly tweaked mechanics, and new characters to root/boo for. 

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