Robocop Rogue City – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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On Friday,IGN gave us our first glance of Robocop Rogue City for the PS5 which is developed by Poland based Teyon games published by Nacon. The game set in Old Detroit and will feature first person game-play similar to their last licensed outing Terminator: Resistance which has gained a fan following despite getting mixed reviews. In this One Minute and a half trailer we first person shooter, and some lines calling back to the original 1987 movie as well career criminals doing up to no good. The last scene is a bank robbery but most of the money has been stolen with a OCP Corporate officer complains about a glitch. This might infer player choice just like Terminator Resistance. The trailer then ends with an un-helmeted Robocop with Alex Murphy’s face uttering the lines: “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” The game slated to get a Summer 2023 release date and you are able to Wishlist it on the PSN and Steam Online Stores.

Personally, this looks like a promising game. Don’t underestimate it being from a AA Developer, the developers previous outing with The Terminator franchise had a lot of heart and soul despite its smaller budget and scope.

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