Early look at PSVR 2’s user experience.

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Today, Yasuo Takahashi revealed new features for the upcoming PS VR 2 on PlayStation’s Blog site. The first thing that was covered in the ‘See Through View’ which allows the user to see their surroundings. The instance in the blog was to see where the controls are if they get lost or dropped. You cannot record during this mode.

An Example of See-through View View Source: PlayStation Blog

The second feature of note is the use of the HD Camera, which allows you to broadcast during a Livestream or a video recording. This was a limitation of the original PSVR since the camera was used for head tracking.

The new Play Area function Source: PlayStation Blog

The third feature the blog goes over is the live play area which can be adjusted with the controllers and the integrated camera.  This will map your room and establish boundaries in your play area. The headset will warn you of getting close to things such as a table or couch near you to prevent accidents.

Lastly, the blog goes into the two mode the unit has which VR Mode and Cinematic mode. This is similar to the original PSVR were the Dashboard will appear on a cinematic screen, and VR which will surround the user. The cinematic mode will display in 4000×2060 in HDR while t he Cinematic mode will display in 1920×1080.

The blog does go into detail on how it’ll look and more in this link here.

Overall, PS VR 2 looks like a vast improvement over the original PSVR. It has a lot of great quality of life features, and performance enhancements. Hopefully, we will get a release date sooner rather than later.

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