E3 2023 Cancelled as Summer Game Fest Steps in Again

Electronic Gaming Expo (E3) News

E3 has been on a downward spiral for several years before the Covid-19 pandemic struck and put in-person events on hiatus. Now don’t get me wrong, the show has always been the go-to source for the biggest game announcements and media showcases but attending the actual event became duller and duller as the expo lost its magic. This year was supposed to mark a return to form for the expo that was set to finally return to an in-person event this summer. This, however, is no longer the case as it was announced yesterday that both the digital and in-person event has been canceled.

While there is no telling what the future of E3 is (if it even still has a future) but all is not lost for gamers looking to find out what the next big releases are. In the aftermath of the E3 cancellation announcement, Summer Game Fest announced its return for 2023. SGF was born to give gamers an E3 alternative and it seems that the showcase will once again be the source of major gaming news this summer. It is still expected that many companies including Sony and EA will still have their own events such as PlayStation State of Play to make their announcements.

Summer Game Fest begins on June 8th.


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