The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

  •     Publisher: NIS America, Inc
  •     Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc 
  •     Release Date Digital/Retail

  The Awakened Fate Ultimatum for Playstation 3 begins with Shin Kamikaze in a dream like state. He’s uttering some faint mentionings of “fate” and “duties.” Shin definitely is not a people person, as his distaste for other humans is anything but a secret. Moments pass as Shin comes to and finds his classmate Eri Shiranui standing over him on the school rooftop. Eri is a loner much like Shin. She informs him he’s been out for quite a while and suggest that he heads home from school. Shin notices evening approaching and decides to do as Eri suggests. While wandering home Shin is suddenly attacked from a winged group of bandits descending from the sky. Before Shin can grasp what’s going on, the mysterious man from the sky plunging his sword thru Shin’s chest! Shin feels all hope is lost and begins to accept his own death. At that very moment, a bright light turns up and a refined girl to be later known as “Jupiel” destroys the assailants. Shin has been conserved. As Shin awakes groggy and in shock from being resurrected, he lies in front of Jupiel and an estranged redhead in a lab coat known as “Ariael.” It appears as if they are responsible for reawakening Shin from the dead. It is now up to Shin to find his way out this spirit world to return to his old reality….or so he thinks…

In actuality, Shin has been reborn as a God due to “The Fate Awakening Crystal” and can now choose between devil and angel powers. What he thought was the real world he was returning was actually a land of demons and angels called Celestia in which angels such as Jupiel, and even a few devils such as Ariael reside. Shin has now been made a God of this realm.

     The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a game of choices. Recall those “choose your own road” storybooks as a kid where the tale changes depending on the choices you make? This game is similar. As Shin, you will have to sort between situations which lean toward incorporating your devil side or more of your angel side. Which ever path you chose is then rewarded with Crystal Points that strengthen that chosen side, adding those points to the corresponding sides within your Fate Awakening Crystal. Depending on how you choose to strengthen the crystal will help make each dungeon level Shin has to face a little easier. The more angelic choices you make please Jupiel, where as brash Ariael is more so pleased by the demonic ones.

After a few dungeon floors have been completed and your new God abilities broken in, Shin will be asked to choose a roommate. He can room with Jupiel, whom has now been assigned as his angel overseer. Or he can room with Ariael, the creator of the Fate Awakening Crystal. The game continues to serve you plenty of hefty ultimatums to select from (such as this one) which affect gameplay and allow for different story lines via gameplay. And remember, every choice you make is always rewarded with Angelic or Demonic Crystal Points that correspond with that decision to strengthen abilities of each side within the Fate Awakening Crystal. One question ultimately remains; Who will you choose?

Game Mechanics

Communication – Game plays as Shin communicates with others via text and voice over. However, you also can read his thoughts as he narrates what’s on his mind…as well as his actions

Event Scenes – Events can be viewed from the a Main Menu in between dungeons. Just as some other Nisa games (Witch and the Hundred Knight, Mugen Soulz, Time and Eternity etc) Event scenes may contain a lot of text and come off rather lengthy. Most of the text is narrated with great character voice acting, however events may run just a little too long for some players. You do have the option to skip scenes that aren’t mandatory as well as dungeon event scenes. Green markers trigger event scenes within the dungeons. Player can choose to partake or skip.

Saving – Saving the game is simple and available for you the set main menu in between dungeons.

Item/Weapon Shops – Items and weapons found in previously completed dungeons become available in the shop. However, if you die before completing the dungeon you loose all items gathered and those will not be available for purchase in the shop.

Movement and Battle – Movement and battle is free range and in real time. I prefer this over time and turned based battle any day. Health bar as well as other meters refill with movement. Do note that you have an AP meter. This meter runs down and when it hits 0 you will begin to loose HP and must leave the dungeon. The AP meter is easily refilled by eating food. Apples are the most common food found in the dungeons.This meter is similar to the TP that runs down in The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Watch your movement carefully as enemies also move simultaneously with you. In other words, if you are still they will remain still…if you move they move. You also can switch between “devil” and “angel” form in battle to have an advantage over what kind of enemy you’re facing. Angel being stronger against devils and of course using the devil form for the advantage when fighting against angels. When boss battles occur, Shin can morph into an angelic demon utilizing full strength of the Fate Awakening Crystal by merging together both of these forms.

Score: 7.5/10