2016: Tokyo Game Show Celebrates It’s 20th Anniversary

Tokyo Game Show, which can be described as a much cooler E3, first opened its doors way back in 1996. Since then we have seen many innovations, consoles and gimmicks come and go and this year’s TGS will be a showcase for some of the latest trends in the industry. The theme for this year’s show is “Press Start to Play the Future” and the future of gaming will be on full display.

Some of the new exhibit areas will include:

AI Area

This area exhibits software based on AI (artificial

intelligence) technologies along with related hardware,

games, and services.

New Platform Area

This area showcases exclusive hardware such as STBs

(set-top boxes), exclusive game software, services, and


e-Sports Area

Until last year, this area mainly contained e-Sports

competitions held by organizers. This year, it has been

updated to exhibit games, peripheral equipment, and related


In this area, there will also be a large stage where e-Sports

competitions can be held by exhibitors.

VR Area

This area showcases software that uses VR (virtual reality)

technologies, as well as related hardware, games, and


Tokyo Game Show begins September 15, 2016 and we will be there to show you all the latest from the show floor.