Zen Pinball: Marvel’s Ant-man

  • Publisher: Zen Studios
  • Developer:  Zen Studios
  • Release Date: July 14 2015
  • PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Vita Digital
  • Multiplayer: Yes

Zen Pinball:  Marvel’s Ant-man is a new addition to the Zen Pinball library of Pinball tables. This time this table predominately features the upcoming Marvel Movie Ant-man, and gives out a deceptively sparse table but does has it’s share of intricacies. It doesn’t spoil the story of the upcoming film, but does give out the general vibe of the comic/movie.  This table pits you as the lead,  Scott Lang , as he runs from cops and takes on the main antagonist, Yellowjacket.

As I stated in the intro, the board looks sparse at first, but once you explore and learn how to activate the events it becomes really engaging. It is a bit more challenging than the prior table I’ve reviewed because of this aspect. The main layout is a couple bumpers, a sub atomic article adjacent to pair of ramps, and a third flipper on the upper right for tricky shots. The sub atomic particle acts like a rubber ball which you can shrink to get bonus points. Once it’s gone, the table will grant you a two ball multi- ball.

There’s also a target which allows you to go to a section below which consists of see-saws, platforms, and as well as traditional flippers.  There is also a shooting gallery mini game were Ant-Man to shrink and shoot at targets for another multiplier. A great non- gameplay touch is a short segment of two patrol cars crashing about in the LED display.  The sleek industrial look fits the table perfectly.

For you Trophy hunters, unfortunately it only adds one trophy, as per usual, so don’t give your hopes on it increasing your trophy level dramatically.  The only other downside of this content is that it’s a bit more difficult than the other tables, but that’s  merely a matter of taste. I could barely hit a 1,000,000 in this one since a lot of the tricky shots aren’t apparent.

Overall, this table is great as the other licenses tables that include Star Wars, South Park, and the recent Portal table as a high mark in the Zen Pinball library. It should not to be missed by Marvel fans or anyone looking for a challenging table. The difficulty might be off-putting for some, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with Marvel’s Ant-man Table.

Rating 8.5/10